wiscBarn As you can see from the root-vegetable-licious header, it’s season change time here at Carpe´ Season with the first day of winter and the passing of the Winter Solstice…the shortest day of the year. I’m not gonna lie – with my windowless classroom, 7 a.m. school-day start time, and staff meetings, I feel like I haven’t seen real daylight in weeks. I’m starting to turn into a mole.

But! the Solstice has come and gone, and that means the days will be getting longer…as Minnesota sinks deeper and deeper into hibernation until late March! Huzzah!

Here’s your winter challenge: A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this GREAT list of analogies written by high school students. So I thought our winter season change challenge should be just that: Finish any one of or all of these analogies, or make up your own winter analogy:

Winter is like __________________________.
The snow is like _______________________.
January is like _________________________.

Make me laugh or make me weep…it’s up to you. Submit up to 2 entries with one analogy per comment. I’ll use a random selector to choose two lucky winners, who will each receive some homemade mint fudge, mailed or delivered to you just in time to break your New Year’s Resolutions. (No entries after Sunday, December 25, at midnight.) Here’s my attempt…

January is endless like the kindergartner who keeps tapping my side,
saying “Ms. Liz, Ms. Liz” over and over.

Happy First day of Winter, and be on the lookout for some winter and holiday posts coming up in the next few days!!

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